Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

looks just like the photo very nice, arrived more than a month early!! definitely recommend  

A***c / New Zealand

Génial ! très agréable au toucher et épais

V***v / France

I do recommend it. It's hard and it also seems strong. I have no trouble with clipping my hair.

M***y / United States

it is soooooo cute and soft !!!!! I definitely recommend this product!!!

T***a / United States

Avoid these 3 most common hip thrust mistakes

فتون حسان💁🏽‍♀️ What is your advice of someone trying to lose 30-40 pounds but don’t like lifting weights I enjoy going for long walk or running? anabheidrich30 I stopped listening as soon as I saw it😳 who else saw it? ᴍᴀᴍᴀ ᴜʀғ 🌿🇻🇨🌎🧚🏽 don’t ask me the color of anything 🤪 yoo that’s all yours […]

Did you hear about this fake tan contour ?

Ihopeyouenjoyedreadingthisridiculouslylongusernamehaveaniceday=) I’ve done fake tan contouring for years but there is an IMPORTANT tip for it to look natural. You need to do a complete tan first. Then, tan again in the areas you want to contour. If you go straight into the contour with pale skin, it’s too obviouse. Konstantina Kyriakou So helpful and […]

The BIGGEST Reason Your Glutes Are NOT Growing

Coy Aseneth Yami I have a question what kind of protein do you take Chely Margarita Thank you for this because I feel like I need to build the dumpy first ._._._. how many times a week should we do this if we’re a beginner that wants a dumpy? nikkicragle I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE ANGLE […]

To people who want a perfect messy bun … But can’t get started.

simay NOOOO THIS WAS MY SECRET 😭😭 WHY DID YOU HAVE TO EXPOSE IT Nadia L. Johansen Okay, but my bun isn’t even a bun. Just a weird ponytail😂😂 SummerRain why am i seeing this right after cutting my hair 🥺 Khin-lee Feriol Alfante who else tried this while watching the video?😅🙋‍♀ i still can’t […]