Why You’re Not Losing Fat (4 HIDDEN Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making)

One of the most common reasons why people give up on their fat loss journey is simply because they aren’t seen any progress despite putting in the work and doing everything right

and I don’t blame them believe me if I didn’t know any better and wasn’t seeing the results I was after then I would sure as hell quit – but rather than giving up altogether it’s important that you instead take a step back to pinpoint exactly what it is you’re doing that’s preventing you from losing fat

and let me start off by saying that

NO you’re not genetically cursed

NO your metabolism is not damaged

and NO you’re not too old to see results

instead there’s a few hidden mistakes that I see people unknowingly make all the time and that I even used to make that prevents you from losing fat despite your hard work

and in this post I’ll show you exactly what those mistakes are and how to correct them so you can actually start burning fat and seeing the results that you’re after

Hidden Mistake #1: Under estimating your calorie intake

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The first and most common mistake you don’t realize you’re making is under estimating your calorie intake meaning that you’re unknowingly overeating which prevents any fat loss from occurring.

This is a mistake that 99.9% of people are making when they claim that they don’t eat a lot of calories but still struggle to lose weight. Illustrating this is a paper from the British Journal of nutrition which looked at a group of women struggling to lose weight despite claiming to be small eaters as they reported their daily calorie intake to be on average just 1340 calories however after the researchers determined their true daily calorie intake they found it to be on average over 2,500 calories which was clearly the reason why they couldn’t lose any fat

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and it wasn’t until subjects were then supplied with the actual amount of calories that they claimed to be eating that they started finally losing weight at roughly 1.65 pounds per week

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and this phenomenon of under estimating calorie intake is something that multiple other studies have found as well

With one study showing that even experienced dietitians ended up under report in their true calorie intake. So why exactly does this occur ? well the truth is that most people are really bad at estimating the actual amount of calories that they eat.

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For instance how many calories would you guess in this meal consisting of two pieces of whole grain toast with avocado and a little bit of olive oil drizzled on top ?

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chances are you wouldn’t have guessed that this healthy meal consists of a whopping 620 calories.

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Now let’s take a look at these two seemingly similar bowls of dry oats would you honestly be able to eyeball and guess that the one on the right has almost a hundred calories more than the one on the left just from adding a little bit more oats ?

Probably not

and this difference in perceived versus actual calories very easily becomes the factor that’s inhibiting your fat loss

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so to mitigate this you want to start monitoring your food intake and ideally taking the time to accurately measure everything with a food scale. I highly recommend you do this or at least try it out as its going to help you see how many calories you’re truly eating that and it’s also going to drastically improve your skill of estimating calories and foods

In addition you want to make sure that you don’t forget about hidden calories. For example let’s say you require 2,000 calories to lose weight. You’ve monitored your food intake for the day and you’re confident that you hit that goal but upon further analysis you’ve forgotten about the drop of oil that you use to cook your eggs and the ketchup that you ate them with the drizzle of salad dressing added to your healthy salad and the little bites you had if your significant others chocolate bar that’s a whopping 300 calories

and you’ve forgotten about which can easily put you out of the calorie deficit that you thought you were in and becomes a reason why you’re not losing fat

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so just be aware of and take into account these hidden calories as they do quickly add up and can prevent to you from seeing the results that you’re after

FaZe Orba

I thought it was because the McDonald’s i order every night


When it comes to weight and fat loss, diet is Batman, exercise is Robin. Sure it’s nice to have Robin around, but without Batman, Robin is gonna get captured and beaten to death by Joker.

Cringer Man

Me after not losing 20 pounds in 7 days: “tHeSe DiEtS aReNt WoRkInG”


I am genetically cursed ✔

Next up => Hidden Mistake #2: Not properly weigh yourself

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