#1. The bench height

hip thrust exercises

The first thing I want to talk about is is the bench height so I’ve always done I’m hip dress off of up with my back on a bench but some of the benches I had a lower bench in my garage and it was very conducive to hip thrust

When my butts on the ground my torso angle is around 45 degree angle but some of the people’s torso angles are almost vertical that can make their back feel weird. I like using an aerobic step to increase the bench height. I have two risers but the optimal number is from two to four risers.

#2 Back position

hip thrust exercises

The next thing I want to talk about is back position. As you do the hip thrust, you don’t want to be sliding backwards or if you want to hinge at the edge of the bench.

As you hinge around that point, you find a comfortable back position and that’s where you stay . You don’t want to slide up and down and slide over your hinging.

hip thrust exercises

#3 Bar position

hip thrust exercises
hip thrust exercises

I’m going to talk about bar position. It’s much easier if you have large plates. All you need to do is to roll it over, put your legs under it and I roll it over and I just get it right in your lower abdominal region.

hip thrust exercises

so this is right above my pubic bone and it’s touching my hip flexors so I’m not resting on bone right now

When I come up, I feel it touching lower abdomen , upper hip flexor musculature . Some people aren’t as lucky as me they feel it on bone maybe they’re not as much muscle over there . They have different pelvic Anatomy but if that’s the case you will benefit from using padding

hip thrust exercises

There’s two scenarios. One is the Hampton thick bar pad see how thick the padding is here. This works well and I train a bunch of girls right now. Some of them prefer the Hampton thick bar pad and some of them prefer the arocs balance pad .

hip thrust exercises

it just comes down to personal preference. I like the arocs balance pad because you can use it for more things but with the Hampton thick bark pads, you place it through and then you want to make sure that when I roll it onto my hips that this crease is facing upwards because if I if I help the crease facing downwards it’ll come through the slit and then it’s resting on your body if you don’t have a pattern

hip thrust exercises
hip thrust exercises
hip thrust exercises

#4 Foot placement

hip thrust exercises

When you do get the bar into position, some people like their feet straight ahead. Some people like more of a flare, again this is down to personal preference. I like a slight foot flare and when you get into place, you kind of screw your body into place, get tight no my back is secure my feet are secure I feel stable. At this point as I press up my hands on top of the barbell to guide it and keep it in a position

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I have been doing your exercises for only a few weeks and my butt has lifted dramatically. I never thought I would have a nice butt. Thank u soo much for all the time and research u have put it has really helped me a lot. Thanks bret!!!! Oh and my boyfriend loves the results too lol


This is the most underrated exercise ever. Hip thrust increases stability, throwing power and punching power if you initiate from the hip when throwing. Also useful in wrestling and BJJ. This should be a key exercise.

Kristin Ritter

Thank you for this! I have been working on heavy glute training recently and have a hard time using the bench with heavy weight loads. Now I can use my riser like you do and use heavier weight. I am excited to try all this information and variations.

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Why Everything You Know About Hip Thrust …IS WRONG…
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