• The fastest way to get rid of frizzy hair

    Females have been doing this in the military for years lol, that’s why the hair is always so perfectly slicked down. Not mine tho I’m lazy 😅.

  • The Easiest Way To Make Your Ponytail Look Thicker In 1 Minute

    Alyssa Mendoza: Omg I need it but I have a feeling I couldn’t do it on myself unfortunately.

  • How To Add Volume To Your Ponytail

    That’s so much better than the double pony version.


*Cries in I had a psychotic break and cut my hair to my shoulders*

Makayla Perez

Where do you get those types of hair ties from?


😳 no matter how many times I watch this, I can’t replicate it 🙃 brain broken

limited nobility

That’s so much better than the double pony version


step 1: have hair.

Third Kultuur

One more time but slower?


So twist it two times around, then separating the hair in two, twist same hair tie a third time only on the lower piece? Got to try! 💗


initially thought you were Blake lively

Who else wants to add volume to your ponytail without using the double ponytail version ?

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