Who Else Wants A 10 Min Workout With RESISTANCE BAND For BOOTY At Home ? (p2)

Tip : If you don’t have a resistance band, use a sports bra.

# 3 Two Glute Bridges

We’re coming down onto the ground. Make sure your band stay in the same spot.

First of all, you’re going to do one glute bridge …

two glute bridges


two glute bridges


two glute bridges

this time you’re going to hold ….

two glute bridges

then step one leg out to the right….

two glute bridges

back to center …

two glute bridges

then one leg out to the left

two glute bridges
two glute bridges
two glute bridges
two glute bridges
two glute bridges
two glute bridges

#4 Donkey kick

Going up and hold for a while…

donkey kick

Go down but do not touch the ground and hold for a while…

donkey kick
donkey kick

Take 15 s rest and go for the other leg.

donkey kick
donkey kick
donkey kick


My sisters used to make fun of me because they said i was flat. i would say something like “my butt itches” and they would say “what butt ? you dont have one”. i started doing this program and i haven’t heard them tell me anything like that in a while 🥴 i find joy in that because i know ive made progress

Deanna Woods

This is *the* one workout I consistently come back to because

A) I break a sweat every time

B) I never get bored thanks to not having to tons of reps

C) My bf told me my butt looked good after doing it a couple times a week for a month ><

Margo Sulek

Gonna edit this comment everyday for a month as motivation to exercise ahaha

Day 1 (22 Feb): done !

Day 2 : done

Day 3: had to do this at 2am but I did it anyway 🙂

Day 4: did it!

Day 5 : done!

Day 6: –

Day 7: didn’t manage to do it yesterday, but I’m on it today !!

Day 8 (1st March): done!

Day 9: did it!!

Day 10: done

Day 11: done!

Day 12: done

Day 13: had so little motivation but I managed to power through !!

Day 14: 2 weeks down 🙂

Measurements before:

butt (widest part): 94 cm / 37 in

waist: 69 cm / 27 in

Measurements after: coming soon!!

I hate exercising, but I hate being fat even more. That’s why I keep going😂 maybe that will give you some motivation. => Flip over onto your back and do this next exercise

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