What stops a muslim from fasting ?

  • 5 people who are forbidden to fast

    Gengar: My friend who is 14 tried to fast and he got 15 days 🤝.

  • Expensive Camera + IPad or Stop Fasting?

    Faleofly 21: U should give them at least one thing since they are loyal.

follow me

if you are muslim giv me love

Monkey d. ruffy

whats your name? No,im muslim

Dadka Tahriibay Ninka dirsaday

Allah wil give him more than that.

Joel Bautista @Dadka Tahriibay Ninka dirsaday



Bro crying inside 💀


did anyone realize he thought he was getting ipad


happy ramadan brothers and sisters🤗


Not him at the end thinking he’s getting the iPad 😂

〽️ariahhh .

it’s just like being Christian , I wouldn take none of that


i think he is Muslim


He didnt say when you had to drink it 😉

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