Top 3 reasons causing weak glutes

We’re going to be talking all about why is it important, how to do it, when to do it

A lot of you guys are saying that you’re kind of confused because my glute activation warm up is your workout and i completely understand why it can be a little bit confusing so the first thing that i want to talk about is what is glute activation

so when i first started my fitness journey which was like six years ago the term glute activation was not popular at all and i actually didn’t start implementing it until a few years into my journey so as of today it is very popular however like i mentioned there are people out there who actually don’t know that term at all

What is glute activation ?

So the term glute activation refers to activating or turning on your glutes, an effort to strengthen them so that you can grow them bigger and faster. The term activation comes into play because for many individuals especially those whose jobs require them to sit majority of the day, their glutes are often remain inactive

when your glutes are inactive it means they are weak and are not relied on as much during physical movement so for example have you ever squatted and then the next day you only feel it in your quads or your hamstrings and not in your glutes. it is because your glutes were inactive when you were squatting so your quads and your hamstrings were working the most rather than your glutes

because they were simply turned off so you’re probably wondering what causes weak glutes.

What causes weak glutes.

There are many reasons why someone may have weak glutes but one of the main reasons that someone may have weak glutes like i said is because majority of us are living very sedentary lifestyles.

Majority of our jobs work hard as to sit at a desk all day every day and then after our job we come home and sit on a couch because we’re too tired so that just causes our glutes to be more dormant than it should be

Another reason why someone may have weak glutes which a lot of people don’t consider is that you may have poor form and generally over relying on muscles when performing certain movements especially in the gym so for example when you’re hip thrusting which is my favorite glute exercise of all time and your form is not good you’re not gonna feel it in your glutes at all

You’re gonna feel it in your hamstrings or your quads so form is so important in glute activation

so the last reason why someone may have weak glutes is over exertion. Yes working your glutes too much can be detrimental to your muscles. Overworking them will make your glute muscles over tight so that is why it is so important to know how to release tension in the muscle in order to ensure proper glute activation

so the next question that i want to answer is why is glute activation so important

why is glute activation so important ?

in a nutshell glute activation is important so that you can better isolate your glutes during your workout so that it can grow stronger and faster. However there are many other reasons why glute activation is so important such as reduced chance of injury range of motion and even better posture

so like i said you guys when i first started my fitness journey glute activation was not popular at all so as years went by and glute activation was blowing up on social media especially in the whole fitness niche fitness industry, i started implementing them into my workout routine and let me tell you guys my glutes grew so much faster and so much stronger

so the next question that i want to answer may be a little bit stupid to some because it’s common sense but i’m answering this question for those who are new to their fitness journey and don’t know when to do it

When to do glute activation

When do you do glute activation super simple. You always always always want to do glute activation before your actual glute workout because like i said you cannot work out your glutes if they’re not turned on so you need to turn on your glutes before working them

and then the last question that i want to answer is how do you do glute activation

How do you do glute activation ?

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Rhjean Espero You’re totally correct, not EVERYONE knows about glute activations. I’ve been working out for more than 2yrs and I keep learning something new every now and then, which includes glute activation. And I just found out that this is essential and plays a big role before doing your workout. Thank you for doing this topic!!!! I’m just curious on one thing though I’ve been doing bulgarian split squats many times but sometimes I don’t feel any burn in my glutes, sometimes I do. Is this normal? I’m very conscious of my form during workouts and I always watch videos about this as well. I just want to know if, based on your exp, do you feel any burn in your glutes when you do this or sometimes on your legs/ankles only? Thanks so much! Sorry for writing a novel 😄😄😄

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