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#4 Abduction Movement

So lastly we have the abduction movement for the upper glutes

What exercise would he recommend here and how exactly do we go about performing ?

so he chooses the bodyweight sideline hip raise. What’s nice about this is it’s just body weight you can do it anywhere . this is going to hit the upper glutes so it’s when you’re at the bottom of the movement it’s going to work the entire glute like glute max glute medius but when you’re at the lockout you’re more in the frontal plane

Glute exercises
Glute exercises

so it’s going to focus more of the lockouts more targeted in the gluteus medius . Now the way you do this you start off in a side plank position kind of like a on your elbow but your your body’s on the ground , your hips and knees are touching the ground , kind of as if you were doing a sideline clam but on your elbow

then you push through the grounded knee push as tall as you can and you’re going to have achieve you aim to achieve maximum hip separation

so both legs abduct as much as possible when you’re at the top and you kind of drive the hips forward and then on the way down you sink the hips back and you’re gonna feel it in the entire glute

Glute exercises
Glute exercises

i do three sets of 12 with a nice controlled tempo . i don’t try to get three sets of 30 over time. I always just do between 10 and 15 and my glutes are lit up after three sets of these

Another great alternative for this and the move recommended by brett are seated banded hip abductions. You’re going to take a mini band wrap it around your knees and perform reps of pushing your knees out by using your upper glutes , perform 10 to 15 reps with your back straight up , 10 to 15 reps through the back bent over and then another 10 to 15 reps with the lean back .

These various positions are just going to help stimulate different fibers and different regions of your glutes so .

Glute exercises

to sum everything up for you here are the recommended exercises with reps and sets for each of the four categories you can add these exercises into your weekly routine as needed or even perform it as a complete lower body workout on its own.

Glute exercises

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