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# 2 Squat/lunge category

Now going into the squat lunge movement for the lower glutes and the quads

What would he recommend here ?

Glute exercises

if you follow dr brad schoenfeld’s research he’s a hypertrophy expert . He will say that you know mechanical tension is the most important mechanism for muscle hypertrophy but then metabolic stress and muscle damage likely play a role

well with the hip thrust you’re going to get lots of tension. you’ll also get a lot of metabox stress but you don’t go deep. you don’t get a lot of stretch in the glutes with the hip thrust

so this is why the lunge complements the hip dress very well with the lunge you get a stretch in the glutes and it’s the hardest at the bottom whereas the hip thrust is hardest at lockout the lunge is hardest in the stretch and so you’ll actually be sore the next day

and you’ll develop you know some soreness which is likely related to muscle damage so you’re getting a little bit of muscle damage not too much though

when you do the lunge you want to do them in a way that maximizes like you know the glutes like the effect on the glutes so instead of you don’t want to take too short of a stride because then you’re working more quads and you don’t want too long of a stride because then you bring your hamstrings into play more

Glute exercises

so he like the tibia angle , the knee travels forward a little bit but not too much and but doesn’t stay vertical it doesn’t go too far forward. At the bottom of the movement your knee the front of your knee would be lined up with the the front of your shoes. That’s to him the the the form that maximizes glute activation and you’re going to lean a little bit but you’re only going to lean like say 20 degree torso lean, not 45 degrees you don’t lean too much , push through the heel , don’t let the hips shoot up that’s the most important thing

Glute exercises
Glute exercises

don’t turn into like a good morning where you shoot the hips up and then uh so if this is your torso at the bottom that’s how it stays for the first half of the movement .

Glute exercises

For those with limited equipment then a viable alternative would be something like the deficit reverse lunge where you elevate your front foot and it can vary how much you elevate that front foot just depending on what you have and then a similar execution in terms of form would be applied to this one as you did with the walk-in dumbbell lunge

Glute exercises

#3 Hinge/Pull Category

Next we have the hinge or pull movement for the lower glutes and hamstrings

What would be his exercise of choice for this one ?

His choice would be the dumbbell 45 degree hyper and the reasons why it really leads to very high like when i was doing emg experiments, i was very surprised how high the glute activation is but you also get very high hamstring activation because the knees are straight and therefore the hamstrings are much better positioned to produce force compared to when the knees are bent as in the case of a bridge or a thrust

Glute exercises

but it’s also a very safe exercise like anecdotally you don’t get nearly as many injuries with the dumbbell 45 degree hyper as you do say the deadlift or the good morning so you can do them frequently week in and week out and not have to worry

Glute exercises

i’ve also found that executing this exercise it seems to be pretty tricky for a lot of individuals . There are quick tips to help clear this up . Now we do this two different ways

Option one is the neutral neutral

Glute exercises

Neutral feet , neutral spine. That’s going to work the hamstrings the glutes and the erectors very well if you are trying to bias the glutes you want to round over , fully round over the spine. it’s kind of hard for some people to do that . The reason why is now you’re not erecting the spine you’re not activating the erectors they completely shut down

and now that they’re shut down it’s more it’s a pure gluten hamstring movement but you also flare the feet out 45 degrees. Turning the feet out puts the glutes in a better position to activate they get higher activation in that way and so when people try the round back method a lot of times it’s the first time that they uh feel the glutes like fatigue first in a back extension

Glute exercises
Glute exercises

and then as far as alternatives this one does seem a little bit tricky to to replace at home but would he say something like reverse hyper extensions done on a bench or even a countertop would be suitable ?

Even new reverse hyper is very controlled if you have a very tall surface you can have straight legs i like doing spread eagle method which means you’ll start narrow at the bottom and end wide at the top.

if you have a low bench like say you just had like a bench press you could still do them you’ll just bend the legs at the bottom and then kick the legs out at the top

Glute exercises
Glute exercises

Dietitian Andrea Urizar

Guys!!! You don’t need heavy weights or any crazy equipment to get amazing glutes.  All you need is a resistance band! These bands are a MUST-HAVE if you want to develop your glutes. See those chicks on Instagram doing workouts with perfectly rounded butts? Thank me later, in a few months.

Veronica Forero

Hello! … I’m a starting my fitness journey and learning. One thing I haven’t really understood is… should I do cardio, or do some type of stretch or warm up before doing any type of weight lifting or any type of training ? Like .. do you just walk into a gym and start an exercise or is there any steps before going into a workout ? Thank you 🙂

Eren West

Bulgarian Split Squats. Although it’s definitely a quad-focused exercise, it always makes my glutes sore the next day. Definitely consider adding it to your list.

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