Glute exercises

Your butt is home to a powerful group of muscles that play a key role in many movements of course they just look good when they’re well developed on both men and women but they’re also a muscle group that many tend to struggle with developing and strengthening this can not only potentially lead to problems and imbalances elsewhere in the body but can also lead to the dreaded pancake butt

To fix this and to maximize your glutes development, you need to first realize that they’re designed to do much more than just squat and deadlift and that you can experience much more overall growth and strength in the different regions and muscles that make up your glutes by simply implementing the right variety of glutes exercises

Now although the best exercises for the glutes will vary individually. generally if we want to maximize the goose development then you want to ensure that you’re training them with at least one exercise from each of the following four categories and this applies to both men and women

Glute exercises

The first category is a thrust or bridge exercise to build the upper and lower glutes and will provide the most amount of tension on the glutes when they’re in the fully contracted position

Glute exercises

The second category is a squat or lunge exercise to emphasize the lower glutes and quads and will provide the most amount of tension on the glutes when they’re in a fully stretched position

Glute exercises

The third category is a hinge or pull exercise to emphasize the lower glutes in the hamstrings

Glute exercises

and the fourth category is an abduction movement which will mostly emphasize the upper glutes by targeting the glute medius a muscle that’s often left neglected

Glute exercises

choosing an exercise in each of these four categories helps provide not only total glute development but total leg development as well

Glute exercises

Now as for what the best exercise is for each of these four categories that is going to vary individually but some options are definitely better than others

and to help us out with choosing what an appropriate exercise would be for each of these four categories, we’re going to rely on the expertise of Brett Contreras aka the glute guy – a well-known published researcher and author who’s had the pleasure of studying loose for over 20 years and was actually the one who initially popularized the hip thrust

Here’s what he recommended

#1 Thrust / bridge category

Glute exercises

Going into the first category of a thrust or bridge movement for the entire gluteal region

What would he suggest is a good exercise to throw on this one ?

He would say the the just a barbell hip press and he like pausing at the top if possible . So the pause barbell hip thrust would be my exercise as a choice for that category

In terms of execution what are some cues and form tips that he could give to help maximize glutes activation of this movement ?

So for the hip thrust, there’s two different strategies . One is the posterior pelvic tilt method where you’re looking forward you move mostly from the sternum down and you kind of scoop the weight up and posteriorly rotate the pelvis into lockout.

Two-thirds of people prefer it that way.

Glute exercises

One-third of people prefer the hinge method .

Glute exercises
Glute exercises

Where you think of your head and neck and spa and torso is a solid unit you you you’re looking forward at the bottom when you come to the top. You’re looking up, you keep it in neutral. In general you want a horizontal torso at lockout you want neutral or poster tilted hips

but that happens naturally if you squeeze the glutes hard at lockout and then you want vertical shins when you’re at the top. so like the knees stacked over the the feet but that happens naturally if you have the foot distance at the right place , not too far away not too close

so knees stacked over the heels and avoid overextending at the top position and just focus on squeezing the glutes as hard as you can at the top

Main thing is to avoid spinal hyperextension and excessive anterior pelvic tilt at the top and

Glute exercises

For those who are limited in terms of equipment, a suitable alternative that brett recommends would be the single leg hip thrust with your back resting on a bench couch or any elevated platform

And for this movement you actually want to execute it using the hinge method that he previously described which involves focusing on keeping your head your neck and your torso in alignment and neutral as you execute each rep

Glute exercises


Thank you both so much for this article! I’ve always struggled with lunges (always keeping my knee more locked at 90 degrees) so I just avoided them but this advice has made it so much more comfortable and I’m going to try and incorporate more in my work outs again.

hasan Matar

Training booty will help you protect your back and increases your squatting and dead lifting… hip thrust is the best thing for it but make sure that you don’t want to do it too much otherwise it’s won’t stop growing 😅

Jason Reimann

Been doing this as a lower body workout for about a month, except I’m doing one side at a time split squats with that form instead of walking lunges. Idk if the ladies like my ass better because for it, but I definitely feel a stronger contraction when I flex my glutes now!!👍🏼

Next up => Check out the best exercise for the squat lunge movement for the lower glutes and the quads

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