Warning ! Don’t Even Think About Training Legs & Booty At Gym …Until You Read This

Today we are talking about 6 common mistakes that you do in the gym for leg training. So you want to stay tuned for this because we are going to go through 6 really good exercises but it’s easy to do them wrong if you not know the technique

so today I am showing you first the wrong version and then the right version so you can get them right

#1 Walking lunges

We are gonna start with walking lunges this is a typical way of how it can look like when you’re doing it wrong

so by walking like this you are having the whole tension in the exercise it’s coming from the knees and also by bending over and forward with your back can also be really bad for both back and for your knees.

walking lunges

We want to have a straight back and straight knee in 90 degrees and it can’t go wrong. Walking like this it’s gonna give you the right contact in your legs and your booty

walking lunges

#2 The leg press

So many are doing this exercise and stretching out the legs completely like almost backwards if you can see my legs if you have too much weight in this exercise and moving like backwards with your knees and stretching them out , you can get really hurt

Leg press

so we’re gonna do it right. Place your feet in the same wide as your shoulders, press up the weights and don’t go all the way. You should feel this exercise in your legs and a little bit in your booty depends on where you have your feet on them on the machine but I’m not going all the way up as you can see.

I’m stopping just before I stretch out the nice completely

Leg press

#3 Straight deadlifts

This exercise as we all know is so so good but it can also be kind of hard to get rights. When you’re doing it wrong it can look like this

You have your knees straight you have your back bent over and you’re pulling like with your upper body instead of your hamstrings, your legs and your glutes.

straight deadlifts

To do this right we want to have a straight back, we want to have a little bit bend over on your knees as you can see while I’m doing the exercise and also when having the straight back we also want to have the neck and the head like straight and in the same position as your spine

straight deadlifts

Next up => What you are doing wrong with Sumo deadlifts….


Ughh when you finally realize you’ve been doing everything wrong lol😂❣ Thank you


I used to do it (we all start somewhere lol) but now I cringe whenever people lock out their knees on leg presses! It’s soo bad for you!

Bloomy Flowers

Leg press kinda scares me cuz if you accidentally extend your knees all the way there’s possibilities that it can break your knee bone facing downwards.

Laura Wevers

Especially the leg press and stiff-legged deadlift mistakes are so common! Very informative!

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