Warning ! Don’t Even Think About Training Legs & Booty At Gym …Until You Read This (p2)

#4 Sumo deadlifts

When you are doing it wrong it can look like this

You’re pulling up the weights with your back because your back is bent over so the tension isn’t in your glutes or your legs while doing it like this.

Sumo deadlifts

So to make it right you want to have a straight back all the way lifting from the floor add up, straight back straight neck looking like a little bit forward or up if that helps you and press up the weights from the booty and the legs

Sumo deadlifts

#5 Kickbacks

Many feel pain in the lower back while doing the kickbacks so when you do it like this you have the tension once again in your lower back and you’re not working with the gluts

Kickbacks in the cable

So my tip is to use a step-up box or something to stand on, lean forward and hold onto the cable and then have the back straight. You can see how my back is straight and then just kick up the weights

and this way you’re using only the glutes to get the weights up

Kickbacks in the cable

#6 Bulgarian splits on a bench

You’re doing it wrong you’re standing with the front leg too close to the bench behind you and that is making your knee take the whole tension from the exercise. In this way the weights and your upper body is like falling over you

Bulgarian splits
Bulgarian splits

so we want to do this exercise correct so we’re gonna jump a little bit forward so the knee and the foot and the leg is 90 degrees. The back should also be straight and then while going down and pushing up, you’re gonna keep the tension just around your glutes and your hamstrings and also that in the whole leg

Bulgarian splits

Tanai Cannon

Thank you for the cable kickback tip of elevating my stance. I’ve always done them with a straight back parallel to the floor and I always feel the burn in my glutes.. .but also my lower back which would get very annoying and hard for me to push through my sets. Definitely giving this a try:)


Omg the kick backs!!! I always have pain in my back. So glad I saw this! 😃

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