Total Body Strength Training Gym Routine For Beginners (P2)

Wait! Have you read part 1 yet ? If not, then here it is => Total Body Strength Training Gym Routine For Beginners

#5: Dumbbell fly

  • Dumbbells directly above your chest, palms facing each other
  • 3-5 kgs dumbbell each
  • Feet firmly on the floor
  • Lie down on a flat bench

  • Lower the dumbbells to the sides in a controlled manner until about chest level

  • Rotate your wrists to face you

  • Do not lock your elbows

  • Dumbbells should always maintain at chest level

#6: Low cable crossover

  • Step forward until there’s enough tension in the pulleys

  • Palms facing forward, ams straight, slightly bent at the elbows

  • Arms at about a 30 degree angle away from your sides

  • Palms facing forward, arms straight, slightly bent at the albows

  • Exhale, contract your upper chest to pull your arms up and together.

  • At shoulder level, palms facing up

#7: Tricep dips

  • Grip the bar handles with your palms facing each other
  • Keep your legs together and knees bent

  • Lower your body into a dip

  • Elbows bent at a 90 angle

  • Exhale engage your triceps to push yourself back up

  • Elbows should be close to your sides and pointed back

  • Engage your core to maintain an upright torso and avoid swinging your body forward or back

#8: Full extension

  • Arm extended overhead and legs extended out 

  • Curl up ,bring your knees to the chest 

  • As you lift your shoulders off the floor, bring the plate towards your ankles. 

  • Don’t use momentum to propel yourself up

  • Engage your core and control the movements of your legs and arms

Nikki Marie I just signed up for the gym and am in need of a routine like this.

Neens gems Brilliant! Finally a workout that includes how to use the equipment, correct form and areas you should feel the effect of the exercise. Thank you!

Chim Chana Omg i really like your video it’s so detailed with every movement every exercise i really want u to give us for each muscle for exnple the upper body like triceps workout or biceps exercises same goes for the legs 😍😍 please

Lu Clark I love the way how you explain each workout, very detailed and story by step. I learned so much from you. The cable crossover you demonstrate is so interesting. Could you make a video showing us how to use cable machine ?

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