Total Body Strength Training Gym Routine For Beginners

#1: Wide Smith Machine Squat

  • Set the bar to shoulder height
  • 10 – 15 kgs on each side

Bar rested on your shoulder not your neck

  • Stand in a wide stance
  • Knees and toes pointed outwards

Inhale, bend your knees lo lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Back flat, chest open, knees should not go over your toes, butt pushed back slightly

The weight should be on your heels not your toes

Exhale, push up through the heels to raise the bar back to the starting position

#2: Walking Lunges

Stand tall with your feet shoulder width apart

4- 8 kgs each dumbbell

Take a large step forward with one leg and lower your body toward the floor

Both legs bent at a 90 angle

Exhale, drive through the heel of your front foot to raise yourself back up

Engage your core throughout the exercise to keep your back straight, chest open and look forward

Do not hunch , lean forward , sway your body or look down

#3: Lat pulldown

  • Cheat upwards
  • Feet firmly on the floor
  • Back slightly arched

As you exhale, pull the bar down towards your chest

Squeeze your shoulder blades together for one count. Feel the contraction on your lats

Arms fully extended and lats are fully stretched

Avoid swinging your body back and forth

The upper torso should remain stationary and the movement should only come from your forearms.

Avoid swinging your body back and forth.

#4: Seated cable row

Sit and place your feet firmly on the front platform, keep your knees soft ad slightly bent.

Sit and place your feet firmly on the front platform, keep your knees soft and slightly bent.

As you exhale, pull the handles toward your torso.

Focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together

Back slightly arched

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Theunpretty You’re a life saver! I literally signed up for a membership that’s costing me and was regretting even getting one because I don’t even know how to use the equipments.

jdsan I’ve been pretty nervous about trying the gym out and this post helped me feel comfortable enough to finally give it a go! Thank you 🖖

Priyanka Gupta I did this today, it’s such a great workout! I usually do strength training 4 times a week but due to my exams, I just could hit the gym 2-3 times, and this is perfect, what I neeededdd! You are awesome !

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