Top 4 benefits of water fasting

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Dr. Avijit NEVER fast with your Indian mom around . And keep the info away from your Grandma or shel leave her deathbed and come in a harley loaded with snacks 🤣

S Affi I’m on my 3rd day of water fast. Just came here to see benefits to motivate myself and to not think about eating.

Eve Baloyi Just finished my day 1 of 9 days fasting wish me luck. Mine is fasting and praying

Adhecard I tried this, and failed at the 8 hour mark to the smell of bacon in the morning coming from the kitchen 🤪

Mervin Docejo I’m doing air fasting for the whole year wish me luck!!

May W I did a 10 day water fast. Lost 16 pounds around 8kgs. Best decision ever. I broke my fast w steamed veg. I followed with a month of keto diet. One year later I maintained a 12 pounds weight loss. And most importantly I am healthier (better labs) and I’m free from food thoughts/obsession!!! 🙏

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