Top 3 HIIT Cardio Mistakes You’ve Never Thought You Make (P2)

Mistake #2: Not performing plyometrics

The next one is not adding plyometrics into the mix. Plyometrics are simple where you have a little bit of a bounce mechanism, a good example is like apply a metric pushup where you kind of bounce at the top of your push-up or a squat jump where you land into your squat and then you’ll pop yourself up and you do a little jump
Plyometrics don’t have to be these extreme crazy bouncing movements. They’re not dangerous, you’re just adding a little bit of a bounce and it’s for good reason you see it’s all about conditioning the body to be able to rapidly contract its muscles more so when you go into an eccentric contraction and you actually load yourself with a good stretch, you want to get your body to be able to rapidly contract as fast as it can. After that that’s how you build strength so envision this in between your eccentric contractions . Let me give an example when you come down from your squat, that’s the ‘center contraction when you come up
that’s the concentric. Muscles are stretching and then contracting. You have a period of time between the stretch and the contraction that’s called amortisation phase, during that amortisation phase, we can lose a lot of energy so if we squat and then down at the bottom that amortisation phase, the time between the stretch and the contraction is too long through simple physics we lose energy we lose that contractile energy, we want it to be able to stretch and rebound really quick. that’s how we get power in force and the more power and force that we have the tighter contraction the more muscle recruitment the more cellular recruitment the better the workout the better the recovery the better in the protein synthesis. the only way we can condition that is by doing more plyometrics. it’s pretty powerful stat and don’t have to do much you just add them into your workouts plyometric push-ups a little bit of battle ropes a little bit of squat jumps here and there just to make sure you get a little bit better

Mistake #3: Not Incorporate your upper body

Talk about number three, this one you have to be doing. it’s incorporating your upper body. People think that hiit just needs to be sprinting or being on a bike. they forget about the fact that it can be functional. it can be fun. you can do this kettlebell swings. you can do the upper body movements like the battle ropes. You can do plyometric push-ups and here’s the thing. There’s some interesting science in fact the Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy published a study they found that test subjects that we’re doing upper body workouts had more of a sympathetic nervous system response meaning they had more adrenaline, more noradrenaline , more epinephrine and all the other good things that come along with fat burning than the group that was working their lower body why is this ? it’s simply because the heart has to work harder to pump blood to the upper body because there’s more peripheral resistance what that means is that the muscles in the upper body are tightly packed with less blood vessels that means that in order to get a lot of energy out to the extremities like our arms our heart has to work really hard and have a lot of power with each beat simply to push blood through these tightly compacted blood vessels so that’s why whenever you’re doing battle ropes you get so winded even compared to like sprinting or box jumps or anything like that simply because you’re having to force a lot of blood through small little teeny capillaries
This is really powerful and it’s how we can get our heart rate up so high so when we look at like the overall power output that we get like with stroke volume how much blood is being pushed out we see big improvements oh very good for cardiovascular improvement but also very good just to get your heart rate up in a shorter amount of time if you’re sick of running for 15 or 20 seconds because it’s hard on your joints, I do in some battle ropes you’ll get to fatigue a heck of a lot faster and you’ll save your joints a little bit or do some plyometric push-ups the point is apply all these things and it’ll improve your hiit in ways that you never thought possible county sheepdog THAT’S HOW WE TRAINED IN TRACK 🏃 1. Full recovery 2. Repeat NYtalk60 Well, I’m a 65 year old female on a weight loss journey. I found this very informative. Thank you!

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