High-intensity interval training has just gotten butchered. By the time we get this distilled information to us, for practical use, it’s completely wrong. The fact is scientists internal training is extremely effective but it has to be done properly otherwise it’s 100% ineffective.

We’re not getting the actual response that we want from the hiit in the first place so in this post, I’m gonna give you the three biggest glaring mistakes with high end interval training. The mistakes that really aren’t anybody’s fault other than just information getting completely convoluted as it trickles on down the line

so let’s go ahead let’s get in some interesting science that’s gonna revolutionize how you do your hiit and I promise if you apply the principles of what I’m teaching you’re gonna have amazing results of your hiit unlike you’ve ever had before

Let’s get into what you can do to change your hiit.

Mistake #1: Doing equal intervals

Now this first one is the biggest and boldest one. This is the most important thing that you can possibly do when it comes down to your hiit training and that is stop doing equal intervals of like 1 minute on one minute off

ok high-intensity interval training is not about just working hard for set amount of time and then not working hard for set amount of time . The goal with high-intensity interval training is to elicit as much of a metabolic stress on yourself as you possibly can in the shortest amount of time

and then allow yourself to recover as long as you need to recover in order to be able to push it 100% again let me give you an example of this first, I’ll tell you the wrong way and then I’ll explain the right way

The wrong way is this I’m gonna go on the treadmill and I’m gonna sprint as fast as I can for 60 seconds and then I’m gonna step off the treadmill

and I’m gonna wait for 60 seconds and then I’m gonna do it again 60 seconds on 60 seconds off 60 seconds on 60 seconds off

ok now let me explain the right way and then I’ll give you the difference in how it actually is working.

The right way is hopping on that treadmill sprinting for 10 15 maybe 20 seconds at all out intensity then stepping off the treadmill and recovering for however long it takes for you to feel like you can push it 100%

again the rest period doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter how long your rest period is the only thing that matters is that you rest long enough to be able to push it to your max . you see high enticing interval training is all about tapping into the anaerobic system.

we want to tap into that anaerobic system. we want to tap into it all the way you want to think of your interval training more like weight training in a way like weight training, you’re not going for time, you’re just going until you fail

well you want to do the same thing with hiit. You want to push it all the way until you fail and then you just recover however long it takes to be able to do it again I promise you, you’re not able to go a hundred percent or even 95 percent for 60 seconds. You really don’t want to be pushing it longer than like 15 20 seconds. that’s the max that you’re gonna go and then just recover however long you need

to the effects of high-intensity interval training are with what happens after the workout from the metabolic stress, not with the calories you burn during the workout and that is giant mistake number one

and make sure you change that one

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Tanessa Barnes Thank you for clearing that up. So I’ve been doing HIIT wrong all along!

AlexanderTheGreat I have to admit, I have been doing minute on and off for months. time to change it up

Tamrika Lanoiselet I went to my local gym hiit class a few weeks ago. I laughed after it as it was everything that I had been told not to do with hiit researching it on the internet. It was all keep moving, no resting. No more gym hiit class for me, just the weight and stretching classes.

Sydney 17 So helpful!! You changed my life

Top 3 HIIT Cardio Mistakes You’ve Never Thought You Make (P1)
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