The Real Secret To Squat Without Knee Pain (P4)

Mistake #4

Another mistake that even I’ve been guilty of is simply doing too much too soon in terms of squatting or just your lower body exercises in general

squat form

and over time this can lead to tendinopathy in the tendon surrounding your knees which presents itself as pain located above or below the kneecap at the attachment points of the tendons

squat form
squat form

so if you experience this type of pain and have recently increased the volume of your squats or leg work in general or you’re coming back from time off from the gym and went right into your usual workout volume then this is likely what’s causing it

but the good news is that this is easily reversible if properly managed researchers support the idea that these overworked tendons have the potential to return to the normal pain-free self within just a few weeks if the training load is significantly reduced

squat form

and to do this you’ll want to play around with decreasing various aspects of your lower body workouts to find what provides the most relief for your knees while still enabling you to train as this will help the tendon heal and strengthen

squat form

In addition another thing you can do is start replacing your regular squats with other exercises that don’t stress a knee as much. One such example is a box squad which is a great option for two reasons

one if your knee pain has limited your ability to squat to full depth then using the box squat to control the amount of depth and settin and such that it’s above the point that causes knee pain for you is an effective way to work around it

squat form

Reason number two biomechanical analysis of the bog squat have found that this exercise elicits a more vertical shin angle than the regular squat which as a result limits forward knee movement during the squat and therefore reduces the amount of stress placed on your knees

squat form

Simply meaning that a few struggling with knee pain during regular squats then box squats are a great alternative since you’ll be better able to tolerate them and adjust it accordingly


“Too much, too often”. That is exactly what is hurting my knees.

Tony Fierimonte

I’ve been struggling with what my friends call the bambee effect from too much weight. Adding in the band exercise right away to fix that.

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