The Real Secret To Squat Without Knee Pain (P3)

Mistake #3

Another mistake that can contribute to knee pain is not properly aligning the knees with the toes during the squat and instead letting the knees collapse inwards something termed as knee valgus

squat form

and this causes a lot of instability in the nature in the squat and over time creates imbalances and actually wears away at the knee cartilage eventually resulting in knee pain most commonly located around the knee cap

squat form

and the main reason why this inward knee collapse occurs is due to poor coordination and an inability to activate the lateral glute muscles at the right time during the squat in order to prevent the knees from collapsing inwards

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and to improve this you want to start doing something called reactive neuromuscular training or RN T which has been shown to improve this much-needed coordination and activation of the lateral glutes

squat form

one such exercise is the Orang T split squad where you place a resistance band around your forward leg and either have a friend pull the band inwards or attach it to a fixture to provide an inward resistance then as you perform the split squat try to maintain your knee in direct alignment with the direction of your foot

squat form

the resistance from the band should stimulate your lateral glutes to kick on at the right time in order to keep the knee in a stable position , add in two to three sets of 15 to 20 reps of this into your leg workouts is a great way to help teach your body to now properly activate the lateral glutes during your squat which will prevent knee valgus and mitigate any knee pain you may have been feeling

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xdessix 33

Pointing my toes out is one thing I noticed I have to do. I thought I was doing it incorrectly, you proved me it’s helpful thanks


Wow – simply amazing information! Question: I would like to do this barefoot. I’m female, not young, but I’m very careful whatever I do. Would you recommend barefoot? Of course I’d be using much lighter weights and even none at all.

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