The Real Secret To Squat Without Knee Pain (P2)

Mistake #2

Another common mistake people make is not actively engaging the hip flexors during the squat

squat form

whenever you begin the squat you want to think about actively pulling yourself down into the bottom position as opposed to just letting gravity and the weight of the bar plop you down

squat form

This as a result will engage the psoas muscle and the other hip flexors during the squad which will help with trunk stabilization and enable you to sit deeper into the squat with a more balanced center of gravity over your feet resulting in less pressure placed on the knee

squat form

if you’ve never probably done this then you’ll likely feel immediate relief in your knees when you do so. so to properly apply it next time you squat try to visualize the hip flexor muscles shown here actively pulling your body down into the bottom position of the squat

squat form

Another tip to get this activation down is to perform the squat while holding on to a band attached above you . as a counter resistance that applies will force you to actively use your hip flexors to pull you down into the bottom position

squat form

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Nathan Tendai Shava

Dude thanks for this. I am excited to let my knee pain problems become a thing of the past!


Thank you so much! I have some pain above the knees, not too bad but still a sign that something is not right. Watching this I think I do mistakes number 2 & 4, and now will try to fix both. Thank you again.

Jon Milos

I followed these tips today at the gym. Focusing on the hip flexors on the way down made all the difference in the world. Thanks!

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