The BIGGEST Reason Your Glutes Are NOT Growing

  • This is why your glutes are not growing

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  • 10 exercises will grow your booty but not the legs

    If you’re trying to grow your booty you need to be hitting these exercises 3x a week.

  • Shy girl booty workout

    Chely Margarita: Thank you for this because I feel like I need to build the dumpy first.

  • booty pumps are the best pumps!

    family_of._.misfits: I just started doing this every night I admit I’m only doing one set each sometimes twice a night but my focus at work the next day is even better❤️it.

  • Most common squat mistake that you should avoid

    Sundas: That simulation is med school level, good job 👏.

  • Avoid these 3 most common hip thrust mistakes

    anabheidrich30: I stopped listening as soon as I saw it😳 who else saw it?.

  • How to Wrap Your Wrist

    thanks man never thought of using it that way 😂.


    ccpr15: Thank you so much for this! I started training with you in August and I pass a mirror like “wheres my butt??” While I do see some change, I’m frustrated. So this is a great reminder to give it time and let the muscles grow. Your program is amazing btw and YOU are amazing. Tysm 💖💖💖.

  • Shy girl workouts

    i stay consistent.

  • Pump Up Your Booty: How to Achieve Next-Level Results


  • Crazy Booty Pump Guaranteed: The Ultimate Workout Hack You Need to Try

    This spicy glutes focused workout from trainer @krissycela is bound to give you that amazing post workout pump 💪 Give this.

  • Glutes vs. Hamstrings: The Ultimate Showdown for Perfect Form


Coy Aseneth Yami

I have a question what kind of protein do you take

Chely Margarita

Thank you for this because I feel like I need to build the dumpy first


how many times a week should we do this if we’re a beginner that wants a dumpy?


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE ANGLE YOU DID BECAUSE I CAN SEE THE FORM PERFECTLY!! thank you! i just started my fitness journey an week and a half ago and


I was told, if you do rdl and your back hurts that’s either form is wrong or my core is weak.


Thank you for this close up it’s hard to do it correctly 😁

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