Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

looks just like the photo very nice, arrived more than a month early!! definitely recommend  

A***c / New Zealand

Génial ! très agréable au toucher et épais

V***v / France

I do recommend it. It's hard and it also seems strong. I have no trouble with clipping my hair.

M***y / United States

it is soooooo cute and soft !!!!! I definitely recommend this product!!!

T***a / United States

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To people who want to do beard braids… But can’t get started.

Natalie Morehouse O This is so beautiful! Also, I found if you start higher up around your nose, you won’t have to worry about using a clip/bobby pin to make it go up higher c: Charu Shekhar I remember when the beard braid hack was popular in 2016! A few months ago, I did the […]

News ! Never Miss a Perfect Messy Bun

Perfect Messy Bun

Nezuko I did it once by mistake and from that moment I have NEVER SUCCEEDED AGAIN Bharani S Kumar Everyone: Commenting about their attempts doing the messy bun. Meanwhile me: How the f##k you gonna untie that?? Taylor-Jade Whitehouse !. My hair is the same length as hers but way thicker and it just turns […]

News ! Never Miss a Perfect Messy Bun

idfc🐸🖕✨ bc my hair can’t do bun Catherine Cantoni yep, I still can’t get it lol. Cheese 😔✌ WHERE DOES ANYONE GETS SUCH STRETCHY RUBBER BANDS 😭 none first..i need to stop cutting my hair.. Bie Me watching when I have short hair now😂😂😂 nefeli_and_1712 That’s how I do my hair bun all of the […]

Long Lost Hairstyle …Finally Recovered, Check Out This Pretty Workout Braid

Shyra Munas Next tutorial: How to remove braids without tearing out hair. Isabella Lopez Shoutout to the “My hair is too thin and straight to do any of these hairstyles “ squad. Kono Kalakaua OMG this is sick, GENIUS!!! Have to tried that immediately!! 😀