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T***a / United States

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What Fitness Celebrities Say Behind Closed Doors About Booty Pump …(p2)

Wait a sec ! Have you read part 1 yet ? If the answer is no then don’t miss out BIG TIME=> Get here first # 2 Squat/lunge category Now going into the squat lunge movement for the lower glutes and the quads What would he recommend here ? if you follow dr brad schoenfeld’s […]

What Fitness Celebrities Say Behind Closed Doors About Booty Pump …

Your butt is home to a powerful group of muscles that play a key role in many movements of course they just look good when they’re well developed on both men and women but they’re also a muscle group that many tend to struggle with developing and strengthening this can not only potentially lead to […]

What Fitness Celebrities Say Behind Closed Doors About Booty Pump …(p3)

#4 Abduction Movement So lastly we have the abduction movement for the upper glutes What exercise would he recommend here and how exactly do we go about performing ? so he chooses the bodyweight sideline hip raise. What’s nice about this is it’s just body weight you can do it anywhere . this is going […]

Why Everything You Know About the Donkey Kick…is WRONG…

Today I’m going to show you a very commonly butchered exercise which is the donkey kick. It is performed as a booty building exercise. if you’re using it for that you’re wrong anyway but I’m going to show you the more effective way to perform it so you’re actually doing warming up the right muscles […]

5 Lessons About Glute Exercising ….That People Learn TOO LATE

Hi guys welcome back to another , I know it’s in a long time but I’m finally going to delve into the glute science and I’m going to teach you all about the glutes and the best way to train them to achieve maximum booty building results. “In order to confidently answer I need there […]

Top 3 reasons causing weak glutes

We’re going to be talking all about why is it important, how to do it, when to do it A lot of you guys are saying that you’re kind of confused because my glute activation warm up is your workout and i completely understand why it can be a little bit confusing so the first […]

How To Do A Glute Bridge

1. Place your knees over your ankles 2. Press your lower back into the mat 3. Place your hands (face up or down) on the mat 4. Lift your hips up, keeping your core and glutes engaged 5. Don’t overarch your back, and keep your chest open 6. Lower your hips back down and kiss […]

Real Time Glute Activation & Stretching Routine (P1)

#1: 10 pulsing sumo squats #2: 10 donkey kicks each leg #3: 10 fire hydrants each leg #4: 10 straight leg kickbacks each leg Next => 15s Low Lunge Each Leg Lex Go Financial I always end up turning my activation into the whole damn workout😭 Gabriela Villarreal I love that you incorporated both the […]