Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

looks just like the photo very nice, arrived more than a month early!! definitely recommend  

A***c / New Zealand

Génial ! très agréable au toucher et épais

V***v / France

I do recommend it. It's hard and it also seems strong. I have no trouble with clipping my hair.

M***y / United States

it is soooooo cute and soft !!!!! I definitely recommend this product!!!

T***a / United States

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The Real Secret To Squat Without Knee Pain (P3)

Mistake #3 Another mistake that can contribute to knee pain is not properly aligning the knees with the toes during the squat and instead letting the knees collapse inwards something termed as knee valgus and this causes a lot of instability in the nature in the squat and over time creates imbalances and actually wears […]

The Real Secret To Squat Without Knee Pain (P4)

Mistake #4 Another mistake that even I’ve been guilty of is simply doing too much too soon in terms of squatting or just your lower body exercises in general and over time this can lead to tendinopathy in the tendon surrounding your knees which presents itself as pain located above or below the kneecap at […]

5 Lessons About Glute Exercising ….That People Learn TOO LATE

Hi guys welcome back to another , I know it’s in a long time but I’m finally going to delve into the glute science and I’m going to teach you all about the glutes and the best way to train them to achieve maximum booty building results. “In order to confidently answer I need there […]

2 in 1 – Flat Belly & Round Booty Workout (P1)

Do not stop until you’re told to do so. #1: Crunch with leg lift (30s) #2: Bicycle crunch (30s) #3: Reverse crunch(25s) #4: Leg lift (25s) #5: Jack Knife (30s) #6: Flutter kicks (25s) #7: Scissor kicks (30s) #8: Reverse Crunch (30s) #9: Heel Touches (30s) #10: Russian twist (30s) #11: Cross Crunch (30s) #12: […]

2 in 1 – Flat Belly & Round Booty Workout (P2)

#19: Side plank pull right (30s) #20: Side plank hold (30s) #21: One leg glute bridge right (30s) #22: Mountain climber (30s) #23: One leg glute bridge left (30s) #24: Cross spider plank (25s) #25: Mountain climber (30s) #26: Glute bridge (30s) #27: Close glute bridge (35s) #28: One leg glute bridge right (35s) #29: […]

15 Min Low Impact Booty Workout – knee friendly (P1)

Each exercise lasts for 30s Exercise #1-Kickback right Exercise #2-Straight side lift right Exercise #3-Kickback left Exercise #4-Straight side lift left Exercise #5- Side lift pulses left Exercise #6: Donkey kicks right Exercise #7- Straight leg pulses right Exercise #8 – Straight leg hold right Exercise #9 – Hamstring curl right Exercise #10 – Donkey […]

15 Min Low Impact Booty Workout – knee friendly (P2)

Exercise #13 – Outer Thigh Pulses Right Exercise #14 – Donkey Kicks Left Exercise #15 – Straight leg pulses left Exercise #16 – Straight leg hold left Exercise #17 – Hamstring curl left Exercise #18 – Donkey Kick Spider Crunch Left Exercise #19 – Outer Thigh Lift Left Exercise #20 – Outer thigh circles left […]

10 MIN BOOTY BURN without Equipment ( P1 )

Every exercise lasts for 30s. Exercise #1: Pulse Lunge Exercise #2: Lunge with leg raise Exercise #3: Jump squat Exercise #4: Side squat steps Exercise #5: Sumo squat Exercise #6: Abductor squat Exercise #7: Donkey kicks Next => Exercise #8: Fire hydrants- Straight Kickback Lina Aly No one litterally no one: Her: works out with […]