[REVEALED] The BEST Treadmill Sprints Workout to Burn Fat Quickly (HIIT) (P1)

Today I’m gonna be showing you how to do high-intensity interval training on the treadmill

and for those who don’t know hit is basically alternating between periods of all-out intensity and rest

and it’s my preferred methods to getting down a really low levels of body fat

and although a lot of you already know what it is you’re likely not doing it at a high enough intensity to read the majority of benefits from hit

You need to be working at around 85 to 95 percent of your max heart rate in order to maximize fat loss with hit

and you can tell when you’ve reaches intensity when you’re breathing so hard that you can’t keep a comfortable conversation with someone

so when you do your treadmill sprints you want to choose an appropriate incline and speed level that will allow you to reach as high intensity and stay there for a long period of time

and this setting will vary for everyone so I suggest using the following as a guideline to follow

so if you’re a beginner or you’re currently sedentary then I suggest starting with a 30 second work interval and a 60 to 90 second rest interval

and repeating this for five cycles but you want to choose a treadmill speed that is more of a jog for you than a sprint

so for example a good treadmill setting would be a speed of 6.5 miles per hour with zero to two incline for your work intervals

now once you feel comfortable and your body adapts then you can slowly increase the speed and incline in the future

on the other hand if you’re more intermediate or advanced and I suggest starting with a thirty second work interval and a 45 second rest interval and repeating this for seven or more cycles

we want to choose a treadmill speed that will put you at an all-out sprint or close to it

For example I personally use a treadmill speed of around twelve miles per hour at an incline of five which allows me to reach around 85 to 95% of my max heart rate throughout the workout

but don’t worry too much about the numbers guys as this will vary for everyone

the key is to choose settings that will require you to work very hard during your workout and then the workout I’ll be showing you today I’ll be doing the advanced workout

all right now let’s get started with a workout so you want to warm up for at least five minutes to ensure that your legs are prepared for the workout

I suggest doing the following perform some leg swings and then walk on the treadmill for two minutes and then jog for one minute and then do more of a run / fast jog for one minute and then walk again for around 1 minute to catch your breath

and then you can bump up the speed and incline and get started with your sprints

And one important tip I thought I mentioned is how to get off the treadmill for your rest interval

I suggest lifting yourself up by grabbing onto the side handles of the treadmill and I’m putting your feet on the outer sides of the treadmill

then you can safely lower the speed to a walking pace for the remainder of your rest interval

Jan Šimek lol 12 mph at 5 incline would give me a heart attack within the first minute

voguerachel bruh i really thought the girl was a random stranger following his EXACT workout !!!!!!!

drd21000 It’s better to let her speak 😂

Emma Lou I’m terrified of flying off the treadmill lmao

33X 33X Warm up is too much i give up

Steve Waggoner I have been using your HIIT program for one week now and went from 199 to 196.5 lbs. All i have done is reduce my soda intake and worked out four days using your program. Thanks I am excited to see if the weight loss continues.

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