Real Time Glute Activation & Stretching Routine (P1)

#1: 10 pulsing sumo squats

#2: 10 donkey kicks each leg

#3: 10 fire hydrants each leg

#4: 10 straight leg kickbacks each leg

Next => 15s Low Lunge Each Leg

Lex Go Financial I always end up turning my activation into the whole damn workout😭

Gabriela Villarreal I love that you incorporated both the glute activation and stretching routine in one. I’ll definitely add a resistance band to the glute activation for extra burn 🥵

Kwazzi K Giiirl I felt my glutes waking up! I really love your energy. When I went on your insta and I saw that you’re a lover of Jesus. That was it for me! I had to subscribe! I wish for you his many blessings!

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