Quick & Effective HIIT Workout for Flat Tummy (P1)

1: Shuffle crunch

2: High knee

3: Mountain climber

4: Burpees shuffle

5: High kicks

6: Alt toe touch

7: Fast foot

8: Lateral jump crunch

9: Bunny hop

10: Up & down plank

11: 180 burpees

12: High knee

Next => Touch ground &kick

isabell a00 just slipped on my own sweat

lil sunbites I swear she’s made me addicted to being fit now

Zelia Lopes Others : complaining about burpees and mountain climbers being “the killers”*. Me: *bunny hops/ plank jacks are the real killers here!!!

Weronika Kaczor exercise: fast foot

me: fast food 🤤

Slávka C It seems to be a rare opinion but I actually love up and down planks. At first, I couldn’t do them (not even regular planks), but once you’re finally able to you feel so strong and proud of yourself. I can now also do a whole 1 push-up and tbh I think that’s my greatest achievement 😀

TevinterBiscuit I’m on day 14 of the summer shred and when I first started this challenge, I needed to take 5 minute breaks between sets for all the cardio exercises & I thought the idea of a 20 second break was ridiculous lmao!! Today, I completed this whole workout just taking the 20 second breaks, and I feel so proud of myself!! I’m a chubbier person and while losing weight is a nice achievement for this (fingers crossed!) I mostly just want to get fitter. And apparently that’s happening! I can already feel my abs getting stronger too (even if you can’t see it under all that chub haha)! So just to anyone struggling, it will get easier! Take it from someone who had no faith it would lol

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