Amazing Weight Loss Transformation Even Rhian Ramos Would Get Jealous (Part 2)

Emputada It’s crazy how one can look years younger just by losing weight

Simple.Happy.Fulfilled Those hips omg girl you look amazinggggg

Yet Another You So just eat healthy food and do some exercise? …what a surprise… ‘_’

Reishel La Super Mamác Yes I’m Ready!!!

TIGER DIGA Love your story, I went vegan in 2010, and it put my lupus in remission ❤️

caroline jena This is why Freelee’s approach to veganism is inefficient- the girl eats nothing but five gallon bucketfuls of smoothies and bananas

Leo_inter_Hyaenaem Impressive! Even the cellulite disappeared! 😳 Also, you lost a lot of weight, but kept the shapely hips. The good genes show.

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