Top 7 Messy Bun Struggles and How to Overcome Them

  1. Hair not staying in place: One of the most common issues when creating a messy bun is that hair can slip out of place or become loose throughout the day.

To combat this, you can use bobby pins or hair ties to secure the bun in place.

  1. Hair not being thick enough: For those with fine or thin hair, it can be difficult to create a full, voluminous messy bun.

To add volume, you can tease the hair at the crown or use a volumizing product before creating the bun.

  1. Hair not being long enough: Similar to the above, if your hair is shorter, it can be difficult to create a bun that is large enough to look messy.

 In this case, you can try using a hair extension to add length.

  1. Flyaways and frizz: Messy buns often involve tugging and pulling on hair which can lead to flyaways and frizz.

To prevent this, you can use a product that helps tame flyaways and frizz, such as an anti-frizz spray or serum.

  1. Inconsistent shape: Achieving a consistently messy shape can be difficult, but with practice and experimentation, you can find the right technique for your hair type and texture.
  1. Not enough texture: Messy buns tend to look better when they have a good amount of texture, so if your hair is particularly sleek and shiny, you may have trouble creating the right look.

To add texture, you can try using a texturizing product, or using a flat iron or curling iron to create loose curls before putting your hair in a bun.

  1. Not enough messiness: Some people struggle to make a bun look messy enough and end up with a too neat and polished look.

To create more messiness, you can try not to be too precise when twisting and pinning your hair, and you can use your fingers instead of a comb or brush to create a more natural, carefree look.

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