• Title: Messy Bun

    Type: Messy Bun Tutorials

    Description: This style of doing messy buns has been attracting a lot of attentions from girls all over the world. Millions of girl love it but struggle to follow. This series of videos at slow motions intents to help those who still struggle to have this cute messy bun

  • Messy Bun Tutorial Take #1

    More than 109 million girls have been following this messy bun tutorial but only few got success. Why ?

  • Messy Bun Tutorial Take #2

    MESSY BUN TUTORIAL! | slow enough?.

  • Messy Bun Tutorial Take #3

    Quick & easy messy bun.

  • Messy Bun Tutorial Take #4

    Some feel so uncoordinated every time they try this 😩 Why cannot do it.

  • Do a perfect messy bun with a claw clip

    I love this type of bun because it doesn’t pull your hair too tight, so there’s less chance of migraines 🥰.

  • 12 EASY DIY Elegant Hairstyles

    This video is about pretty braided bun styles, Back-to-School hairstyles, heatless hair styles, cute prom hairstyles, wedding hairstyles. bridesmaid.


I did it once by mistake and from that moment I have NEVER SUCCEEDED AGAIN

Bharani S Kumar

Everyone: Commenting about their attempts doing the messy bun. Meanwhile me: How the f##k you gonna untie that??

Taylor-Jade Whitehouse !.

My hair is the same length as hers but way thicker and it just turns out like a birds nest on my head Its ok when I’m walking down the street I’ll just have the birds on top of my head cuz they think it’s a birds nest x🐥🤯

Delia Niculescu

I got sooo frustrated by this cuz i tryed it like a million times, so i thought I would read the comments to see if anyone can do it. I feel better now knowing that i am not struggling alone. Thanks guys!💜💖❤️

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