How to make keto French fries | Keto vegan gluten-free

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Taneta Darko Made these tonight for my boys- and the verdict is in- these taste like McDonalds French Fries! Coming from carbaholic 8 and 10 year old boys this is high praise indeed! Well done for such an innovative recipe πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ This recipe will definitely be in regular rotation in this household πŸ€—

DebbieTheriault I made these tonight and wow…..delicious. I’ve been low carb for 11+ years….and now I can enjoy french fries again.

Serious Keto I’ve had at least a dozen viewers ask me over this past week if I had tried these out, so I did today. I did coconut and almond flour versions — both shallow fried and in an air fryer. Fan, you have a winner here.

. My opinion is that frying is the way to go (for me 300-325F for 7-10 minutes was the sweet spot). Also, given that most of us will be consuming this with some sort of condiment or seasoning, I think almond flour is the way to go (less carbs). Anyhow, great work!

San M I rarely post comments but feel like I had to… So I made the original recipe but I decided to try it as keto garlic pizza bread. So I didn’t cut it to make fries.

I baked for 15min and the I turned it and added some parsley and cheese (season the base with salt and garlic powder) and baked for an additional 5min… It was the best garlic pizza bread I had! I felt like I was eating something you order.

With gluten… So now I’m gonna try it as a pizza base (I doubled the recipe). I normally make fathead with pork scratchings mixed with almond flour. It’s great but this one really felt like the real deal! Recommend!

Morpheus Jones Just made these. Closer to actual french fries than any β€˜lower carbβ€˜ root vegetable that I have tried before. I will be making these again. Brilliant discovery!

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