How To Make Keto flatbreads For Breakfast

Heavenly Fan

Camille Tuscany I made these with a tortilla press, I got 8 taco sized “tortillas” and I’m eating tacos right now guilt free this is amazing!

Road Runner I put my coarse ground almond flour in my coffee mill and ground it finer👍

Holli Yargo I bet this would work well with a tortilla press, also.

Bill Smith The fact is carbohydrates convert to almost pure sugar and drive up your blood sugar. So when you’re craving carbs you’re really craving sugar. Whether you realize it or not. I found this out the hard way and ended up with type 2 diabetes. I haven’t had to take medication for my diabetes for over a year by sticking with a strict keto diet. But I do miss bread and I hope this recipe helps me out.

Ed Grossman I put my almond flour and psyllium husks in the food processor, That did a great job of grinding it fine.

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