How to make banana raspberry baked oatmeal for breakfast

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1 năm trướcIt’s for weight loss and I shouldn’t be here but I’m definitely trying some of these

Line1 tháng trước (đã chỉnh sửa)The raspberry bread looks very practical and delicious too. I’ll try making it with some protein powder. You could make some ahead of when you need it too. Alright I made no. 2 the Banana Raspberry Baked oatmeal and it was delicious! Very happy with it. A few notes: I doubled the recipe and divided it into 4 servings. I did use half a scoop of vanilla protein powder. I made muffins with the dough instead of one big form. I forgot the honey and I would actually recommend not using it. It is plenty sweet without it, so you can ommit that extra sugar (might be because of the protein powder). Best breakfast and very practical for me.

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