How Chloe Ting Gets Abs in 2 WEEKS (Part 3)


Rest 10 s

Up Down Plank

Plank ( 30s )

Heel tap (30 s)

Bicycle Brunch ( 30 s)

Yasmin Gomes cup and down plank and my arms be like: LET’S BE A NOODLE

neo crackhead technology *bicycle crunch* Water inside my tummy : *gelrrrlrlrgrrrlellelerlrrleger*

Rubab Zahra Who else is doing this secretly in your room so your parents don’t know your insecure as hell ;-; Oof never gotten this many likes lol

A. A “THE LAST EXERCISE IS UP AND DOWN PLANKS” Me: “No way, I’m not doing it.”

I hate corona Tips if you wanna lose weight:

-Don’t have snacks, if you can’t, just have healthy ones

-if you’re under 18,make sure to go to a nutritionist so you can have a healthy diet

-drink water, trust me, you feel bloated, but it will help you

-Skinny isn’t healthy, and ofc, you’re doing this challenge to be confident, we’re not models

-if you’re less than 18, I don’t recommend dieting, but you can eat clean and less junk food

-don’t eat late at night

-cut off soda, candy and chips, they are UNHEALTHY af, you don’t need them

-EAT BREAKFAST, it’s so important

-eat slow, this is so helpful, trust me

-if you workout, you’ll need more calories

-working out will slow the process, but will help transforming your unhealthy fat to muscle fat

-Don’t starve yourself -have a cheat day once a week, it’ll help u a lot

-it will take some time -if you wanna know how many calories you need, search it on a calorie calculator

-eat until you’re full

-Don’t drink water while you’re having a meal, wait until you’re done

-if you wanna fasten your weight loss, try to have less carbs, if you’re younger than 18, PLEASE DON’T

-you can replace sugar with honey, milk with low fat milk

-eat more proteins, like fish, chicken (not fried)

– Don’t have apple vinegar shots Keep in mind that you are beautiful any shape or form you are, and don’t change yourself for other people and make sure that you’re doing this in goal to be confident and happy Have a nice day 😁❤️ HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE 🥳

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