Russian twist ( 30 s)

In & Out ( 30 s)

Rest 10s

Plank with hip dips ( 30 s)

Plank jacks

Do it fast …

Rest 10 s

Maryam Meow Who else is doing this challenge so that they can go with a fit body to school 😁

Yajiee So I guess everyone here is doing this because of Christmas 😂😭

Pankaj Thakuria Who wasted their whole lock down doing nothing and when there is no time left for the next year, wants to loose weight ? Well that is me

katherine sage can we just appreciate how we’re getting these for free though..

M X Me: trying to secretly do this in my room Also me: making the entire house shake while doing plank jacks

Arielle Hart

Day 1: Really hard, my arms were shaking by the end, sweating, numb legs and sore stomach

Day 2: I only did half way as I was still in pain from day 1.

Day 3: I completed the exercise and felt like everything was getting better Day 4: Same as Day 3 but I felt like my stomach has gotten use to it (no more soreness)

Day 5: I see results (really faint) not that deep but if you see it from the side you can.

Day 6: The exercise was still hard, but I’ve kinda adapted to it (my abs have deepened slightly)

Day 7: (right now) You can see the outline, and the figure came out.

Day 8: Today I can see the complete figure (all the way to the bottom of my belly)

Day 9: I’ve just completed the workout, and I felt like I got the hang of it. The up and down plank got less challenging for me and ab results has gotten clearer. It’s obvious, that anybody can see a toned stomach now.

Day 10: Now from first person I can see little dents from the side of my stomach and my it starts to become more obvious. I know I’m late at updating but I hope this helps, as this is my personal experience. I recommend that after the up and down plank, you should do another set of 30 seconds plank (I know it’s hard) but I’ve tried this and my abs (outline) came out earlier then I expected. Make sure to also drink water after exercising and I’ll continue to update my progress. Good luck to everyone that’s also trying this out, stride towards your goal and I wish for the best results! Don’t Give up! <3

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