1. Leg raise clap (30s)

Rest 10 s

2. Reverse crunch ( 30s )

Rest 10 s

3. Spider man plank ( 30s)

4. Cross body mountain climber ( 30s )

Do it fast…

Rest 10 s

Its Karabeth If you are reading this in December You got this good luck

11xJØYx03 Who else is trying to burn off the Christmas Dinner belly 😪

A. A I can’t be the only one who suffers this: Every two minutes: someone entering to my room ._.

Me Obesity: exists

Chloe: I am about to ruin this whole man’s career…

Varde Damyanti

So for those who gonna try this: 🔹Leg raise clap 🔹Reverse crunch 🔹Spiderman plank 🔹Crossbody mountain climber 🔹Russian twists 🔹In and out 🔹Plank with hip dips 🔹Plank jacks 🔹100 🔹Crunches 🔹Up and down plank 🔹Plank 🔹Heel tap 🔹Bicycle crunch 🔹Reverse crunch leg extension 🔹Straight leg crunch 🔹Up and down plank

And my ladies you’ve got this😉😚

Next => Russian twist ( 30 s)

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