Glutes vs. Hamstrings: The Ultimate Showdown for Perfect Form

  • This is why your glutes are not growing

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    If you’re trying to grow your booty you need to be hitting these exercises 3x a week.

  • Shy girl booty workout

    Chely Margarita: Thank you for this because I feel like I need to build the dumpy first.

  • booty pumps are the best pumps!

    family_of._.misfits: I just started doing this every night I admit I’m only doing one set each sometimes twice a night but my focus at work the next day is even better❤️it.

  • Most common squat mistake that you should avoid

    Sundas: That simulation is med school level, good job 👏.

  • Avoid these 3 most common hip thrust mistakes

    anabheidrich30: I stopped listening as soon as I saw it😳 who else saw it?.

  • How to Wrap Your Wrist

    thanks man never thought of using it that way 😂.


    ccpr15: Thank you so much for this! I started training with you in August and I pass a mirror like “wheres my butt??” While I do see some change, I’m frustrated. So this is a great reminder to give it time and let the muscles grow. Your program is amazing btw and YOU are amazing. Tysm 💖💖💖.

  • Shy girl workouts

    i stay consistent.

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  • Glutes vs. Hamstrings: The Ultimate Showdown for Perfect Form



It’s crazy how the slightest change is gonna target a whole different muscle group


That literally explains it. Everyone says not to bend your knee but I literally only feel it in my glutes if I slightly bend my knee ty for this😭


thanks, i thought my RDL form was wrong so i stopped trying 😂 but i see that i was just doing hamstring focused RDLs


Right side is going too low, past range of motion. This is what ends up causing lower back pain in a lot of people.

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