Exercise 7 Minutes Before Bed (Part 1)

Arm circles => 30s

High knees => 30s

Increase the pace to maximize the effect if you want to.

Squats (60s)

This exercise will take place in 60 seconds. Do as many squats as you can.

Donkey kicks (60 s)

Push ups (60s)

Squat and side crunch (60s)

Vicki The only reason why i do exercises at night is because that’s when everyone in my house is asleep and i’m too embarrassed to do it in front of my parents hahaha

Johann Who else reading this cuz ur in quarantine and have been eating like a whale

Ruya Riyax It took me a whole global pandemic to take exercising seriously

Abigail Solvang I’ve been doing this for 4 days now and am seeing a slight result in my stomach I feel like it looks flatter I still have a long way to go but for anyone whos wondering this actually works pretty well

funkay1 I’m already seeing a difference! I’ve done this roughly for about 5 days, I do it first thing in the morning though instead of before bed because I feel that it works better for me.

tanu thappa Everything was working fine until the push ups made their way in😜

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