Easy 5 Keto Recipes That Will Fill You Up – 2 Ingredient Pasta

Moxie Beast mozzarella egg noodles just blew my mind.

Lorraine Davis-McCuller The cheese noodles just blow my kind 🤯. I literally called my husband in the room to see this and his mouth dropped and said “we have to try this, don’t forget the recipe” 😂😂😂 an egg and cheese, “ok”

Ellyse Jae Omg 😮 that 2 ingredient pasta was the most genius thing I’ve seen since buffalo cauliflower!!!

Vampickle Tried the cheese noodles, it’s bull.. a couple of modifications I made: Other than the yolk, adding egg whites (proteins) it coagulates better and forms firmer noodles. Mistake: Boiling in water. Boiling in water dilutes the flavor, try boiling in broth, makes it much better.

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