Beginners HIIT Workout For Fat Burning (P1)

Each exercise lasts 45s. 10s rest in between them.

#1: Burpee roll up

#2: Alternating punches

#3: Squats

#4: In and out (Total 50s, 25s for each side)

#5: Jumping jacks

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SIDDHANT JAIN His physique is perfect.Not even 99.99 its 100% every guy dream!!

Sankalp Verma Thanx! Can you also tell us how many sets of this HIIT workout should we do daily for the best results?

Rajiv Kumar I’m following your all these exercises and just I want know that do i have to all exercises in this same sort or can I do any exercise up and down

Housefull Of Happiness It’s challenging and so good towards the end. Thanks👍

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