Who Else Wants A 10 Min Workout With RESISTANCE BAND For BOOTY At Home ? (p3)

# 5 Abduction

By the way, if any of your friends or family members walk into your room and 👁👄👁 say “whAt are you dOing?”. Just don’t bother and lock the fu***king door.

Flip over onto your backs. You’re going to press your lower back into the floor, bring your knees a little bit closer to your chest, your legs come open ….Make sure to squeeze and hold as you bring the knees out.


and close ….


open…. Make sure to squeeze and hold as you bring the knees out.

By having your knees closer to your chest, you are activating the top part of your glute more.


#6 Hip press

You’re gonna come into a reverse bridge position. I was going to do almost like you would do a hip press but without the bench, supporting yourself with your hands

hip press

You’re going to just pressing your hips up, isolating the lower half of the body as much as possible

hip press
hip press

Cecilia Garrido

I’ve been working out consistently for 4 months and I’ve seen great results. I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting there. At first I expected to get results over night, and I was frustrated because I didn’t see any, and on many days I almost gave up, but I managed to convince myself to keep going; and I couldn’t be happier about that. I guess that what I’m saying is that, y’all shouldn’t expect to see resulta overnight, you have to be patient and just keep moving forward l.

Also I wasn’t able to change my diet completely since I’m 15, and I don’t get a say in the grocery shopping list, buttt I have been eating little healthier. Like, instead of eating chips for a snack, I eat carrots, or almonds, or protein bars, and well yeah lol. I hope this advice helps y’all.

And remember you are beautiful no matter what and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 🙂


This was the only workout i ACTUALLY felt the effect offff


Loved this workout. Mixed it with abs for 15 minutes. Perfect after work! 😍

Michelle Eudja

Day 19 of the January challenge. This wasn’t so bad, my resistance band actually stayed on and didn’t curl up like it normally did. This gave my booty a real good burn. Now it’s on to the next work out 😢😂

Good news ! only 2 more to go guys, Flip over onto your belly, lying down into the frog like position.

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