5 people who are forbidden to fast

  • 5 people who are forbidden to fast

    Gengar: My friend who is 14 tried to fast and he got 15 days 🤝.

  • Expensive Camera + IPad or Stop Fasting?

    Faleofly 21: U should give them at least one thing since they are loyal.


also the people who aren’t Muslim

Hala makeup

And pregnant women who gets tired


bro the elderly killed me😂


Thank god I’m a sick Elderly woman Child on my period that’s traveling


Facts. Good to see a fellow Muslim😁

unfollow if ur mid

I’m a Christian and i cant stay for 1 hour without food


my grandma still fasting on age 80

Have a nice day!!!

what about the poor

Underrated-Highlights ✔️

Is it okay if I accidentally ate a shawarma with extra tehine?

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