5 Lessons About Glute Exercising ….That People Learn TOO LATE

Hi guys welcome back to another , I know it’s in a long time but I’m finally going to delve into the glute science and I’m going to teach you all about the glutes and the best way to train them to achieve maximum booty building results.

“In order to confidently answer I need there to exist approximately 20 high quality training studies longitudinal studies that compared the gluteal hypertrophic gains between various exercises using different combinations of glute exercises and using different types of subjects.”

This research does not exist…

The glutes require special attention in order to fire during exercises it is essential that we want

#1. Choose exercises that encourage proper glute recruitment

ie doing glute specific exercises or ones that are modified to better target the glutes

squats with barbells

#2. Train glute 2 – 6 times week

That should be as a part of a properly composed lower body routine that includes progression.

#3. Make sure that you feel the exercise in your glutes

deadlifts with kettlebells

we all have different Anatomy, different limb segments leads, different muscle insertion points so …

#4. Make slight adjustments to better suit your body and glutes

That is really important

#5. Warm up your glute properly to activate them

booty exercise with bands

It’s totally ok it’s important to pre ability activate drill to get the glutes properly warmed up and firing before you actually start.

glute exercise with bands

This will help you get the most out of your workout especially if you have really stubborn glutes

and then finally …

#6. Mindfully contract your glutes

hip thrust with barbells

Glue training is as much of a mental workout as it is a physical one you need to really really concentrate on activating your glutes. They’re probably not working if a you can’t feel them or you’re not concentrating like you really have to put a lot of mental effort into it to get used to actually turning them on

and then once you’re used to that then it won’t be so much of a mentally intense type of things.

Crystal Charron

Everyone thought I was crazy when I said I couldn’t feel squats in my glutes

Aileen Brea

She really seemed like she knew exactly what she was talking about meanwhile I didn’t get any of it 😐

KEVITA master-brew kombucha 505

Her: does firefighters with a resistance band “you want to warm up the glutes before really working then.”

Me: wait… is this not a workout?!😂

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