5 Intermittent Fasting Mistakes that Make You GAIN Weight (P2)

3. Having bulletproof coffee or fat coffee in the morning

okay the number three mistake and quite honestly this is actually one of the most common ones is it’s still having bulletproof coffee or fat coffee in the morning. I hate to break it to you and I sound like a broken record.
I’ve talked about this so many times but the problem is fat coffee, keto Coffee, butter coffee, geek coffee , coconut oil in your coffee breaks a fast bulletproof coffee breaks a fast. You are not fasting if you have it now people think I’m going on an intermittent fast and I’m still having my bulletproof coffee and then I’m not losing weight or I’m gaining weight, just so you know bulletproof coffee is anywhere from 250 to 450 calories depending on how you make it. that is definitely breaking it fast and that is a lot of calories and if you are not on a ketogenic diet, having those amounts of fats it one sitting could very well lead to a large accumulation of fat fat stores easily so don’t do that if you’re not on a keto diet along with your fasting, do your intermittent fasting, have your black coffee, a little bit of stevia, a little bit of monk fruit , save the bulletproof coffee for a day that you’re not fasting okay don’t fast everyday keto coffee some days fasting days keep it clean

4. Malnutrition

okay the next one is malnutrition. alright now hopefully if you’re reading this post you know enough to know that you should probably get a balanced diet while you are intermittent fasting but what people don’t often realize is that malnutrition occurs relatively fast if you’re fasting frequently now I don’t mean malnutrition during the fasted State. Studies have shown that most of the time while you’re fasting your body does a pretty good job of balancing out minerals and reallocating vitamins and water soluble vitamins. it does a pretty good job in fact there are some show that even over the course of really long fasts the body still managed to find homeostasis with its minerals with the exception of magnesium. it did cause a chronic issue with magnesium but we’ll talk about that in a minute the fact is the issue comes with when we eat we’re not getting enough nutrients. we’re getting the wrong things . it’s so common for people to just fast and then they get so hungry they go and they have a burger and then they’re full
because their stomach shrank during the fast so they never get a chance to eat their broccoli. they never get a chance to eat what they should be eating they never get a chance to get the nutrients they should be getting and eventually they end up in a malnourished state and when we have malnourishment, we have all kinds of issues that arise the body then grabs on to other things and stores other things. We have increases in cortisol that we shouldn’t have and then we have fat accumulation that occurs at an accelerated rate so we have to be very very conscious there so don’t just let yourself just eat whatever. be strategic about it and this is where it’s very important to have a plan write down what you’re going to break your fast with and write down what your dinner is going to be and then have a little bit of flexibility
You may say I like intermittent fasting because I get flexibility. you can have that flexibility but you have to first have a plan with great flexibility like that also comes great responsibility it’s kind of like owning a business or anything else you don’t want the flexibility. You got to have some discipline too.

5. Not doing exercises

all right now we’ve got the very last one weight train. While you’re doing your fasting protocols , way too many people disregard their weight training. I don’t care if you’ve never weight trained a day in your life if you start intermittent fasting you should pick up at least some small weights what’s going to happen it’s if you were fasting the natural inclination over time is that the body will start to break down proteins, it’s natural eventually if you are not using it you will lose it so you have to while you were intermittent fasting pick up some weights because what it’s going to do it’s going to activate important a million targeted frapp myosin which is going to allow those muscles to retain their size possibly even grow
and therefore keep your resting metabolic rate high. what you don’t realize especially if you’re not already incredibly lean is that as you fast if you start to lose some muscle. your resting metabolic rates gonna drop and that means that your metabolism is gonna slow down but you can keep your metabolism high by keeping the muscle on you and if you’re not super lean you may not realize that after a month or two months you’ve lost muscle, you just weight less so you think you’re losing weight but you have to get in the gym . I promise you that if you fast and do a little bit of weightlifting, you will retain your muscle and you will burn more fat in your metabolism will stay higher so if you’re brand new to it just do it a little bit to three days for a week trust me it will make a big difference so anyhow I hope this cleared some things up and can get you over those little hurdles and make it so you’re not gaining weight while you’re intermittent fasting.
Weight train while fasting. Omg its like you’re just telling me what i WANT to hear. I am a skinny dude, been eating proper for a month (since i got my teeth fixed) and been working out for 2 weeks, my goal is to get buff and this is very encouraging. Thanks for all your great videos on Fasting and KETO.
So I usually break my fast with a primary meal, sometimes its a ham and cheese sandwhich with chedder corn and peanut butter cheese crackers (running on a budget here), but my second snack meal is fruit or veggies. I usually have can of mixed veggies, green beans, spinach, or turnip greens. Would i be better off putting the veggie/fruit as my first meal then my other meal later? New to whole fasting and food planning deal.
So I basically eat eggs and bacon when i’m done fasting. Easy

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