2 in 1 – Flat Belly & Round Booty Workout (P1)

Do not stop until you’re told to do so.

#1: Crunch with leg lift (30s)

#2: Bicycle crunch (30s)

#3: Reverse crunch(25s)

#4: Leg lift (25s)

#5: Jack Knife (30s)

#6: Flutter kicks (25s)

#7: Scissor kicks (30s)

#8: Reverse Crunch (30s)

#9: Heel Touches (30s)

#10: Russian twist (30s)

#11: Cross Crunch (30s)

#12: Cross reach right (30s)

#13: Cross reach left (30s)

#14: Reverse crunch (20s)

#15: Roll in (35s)

#16: Bicycle crunch (35s)

#17: Side plank pull left (30s)

#18: Side plank hold (30s)

Next => Side plank pull right

My comments And More respect to everyone who can do this without a break.

Fátima Henríquez LOL, I´m actually round belly and flat booty ;/

Rebecca-Louise Fantastic workout – brilliant sequence of moves to really burn that belly! 😍

issa me oops would rlly love to do this one but looks like my phone is gonna die soon, it has like only 80% battery left

shayeee this is so hard but i’m tired of crying about my body

feiitere hey guys, if you’re struggling with this workout, it’s okay to take breaks and it’s okay to not follow Pamela’s pace. she has done this for so long, it’s easy for her to do it. For e.g. you can take a 30s break every 4 exercises, u can also take a break after every exercise but you must focus on your form. take the exercises slow and steady and focus on your FORM. engage your core all the time and practice breathing properly. then, up your pace slowly! this will be more effective than mindlessly doing everything without engagement. remember, ab exercises focuses on form more! quality over quantity people! remember to add in HIIT/Cardio workouts to burn fats as well! Don’t do restrictive diets and instead, choose healthier alternatives. Yes, you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight, but if you were overeating before, control portion sizes and pick healthier foods. That will easily help you lose weight! Believe in yourself and push through 🙂

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