15 Min Low Impact Booty Workout – knee friendly (P2)

Exercise #13 – Outer Thigh Pulses Right

Exercise #14 – Donkey Kicks Left

Exercise #15 – Straight leg pulses left

Exercise #16 – Straight leg hold left

Exercise #17 – Hamstring curl left

Exercise #18 – Donkey Kick Spider Crunch Left

Exercise #19 – Outer Thigh Lift Left

Exercise #20 – Outer thigh circles left

Exercise #21 – Outer Thigh Pulses Left

Exercise #22 – Outer Thigh Hold Left

Exercise #23: Leg Glute Bridge Right

Exercise #24 – 1 Leg Hold Right

Exercise #25 – 1 Leg Glute Bridge Left

Exercise #26 – 1 Leg Hold Left

Exercise #27 – High Glute Bridge

Exercise #28 – High Bridge Pulses

Exercise #29 – High Bridge Hold

Signe Sunlord I did this whole workout with a resistance band and now I’m writing this from heaven.

Andrea Mendez Someone else switched from Chloe Ting to Pamela Reif this quarantine or its just me?

sophia i’m starting to hallucinate beeps…

sarathebest guys let’s be glad that we don’t have a three legs and have to do that torture three times 😉

shruti x29 if you did’nt drop legs down while doing this your’re a legend

Stephanie Ramirez “leg hold” more like leg shake

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