15 Min Low Impact Booty Workout – knee friendly (P1)

Each exercise lasts for 30s

Exercise #1-Kickback right

Exercise #2-Straight side lift right

Exercise #3-Kickback left

Exercise #4-Straight side lift left

Exercise #5- Side lift pulses left

Exercise #6: Donkey kicks right

Exercise #7- Straight leg pulses right

Exercise #8 – Straight leg hold right

Exercise #9 – Hamstring curl right

Exercise #10 – Donkey kick spider crunch right

Exercise #11 – Outer Thigh Lift Right

Exercise #12 – Outer Thigh Circles right

Next => Exercise #13 – Outer Thigh Pulses Right

Dan Bull You are motivating my girlfriend to train hard every day and I am proud of her!

Caroline Blue3 tháng trước (đã chỉnh sửa)Am i the only one who does the exerzise on one side but feels more pain on the other side? Edit: Whoa, I’m really not the only one, huh? hehe, but seriously tho… am I doing something wrong. Anyway, I feel your pain…I feel all the pain…

MaVe R 🤡: me when i realize i can’t quit halfway through the workout bc then one cheek is going to be bigger than the other

瑞秋Rachel am I the only one who hates one leg bridges so much?

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