15 Min Full Body Hiit Workout (P2)

#10: Lunge with kick right

#11: Lunge with kick left

#12: Squat to jump squat

#13: Side squat walk

#14: Plank

Rest time 30s

#15: Jumping jacks

#16: Plank to jump squat

#17: Squat to toe touch

#18: Squat hold

#19: Jack knife

#20: Twisting mountain climbers

#21: Plank jumps

For this plank, you need to make a pulse first before switching the posture.

#22: Twisting mountain climbers

#23: Jack knife

#24: Plank to jump squat

#25: Squat to toe touch

#26: Jumping jacks

#27: Plank jump

#28: Plank

Serena Colombo You know you’ve come far when a plank feels like a rest

Gaon Kim I’m proud to say that i can now answer yes to the question “have you ever had a near-death experience”

Lauren Maybe this wasn’t the best choice after not working out for a month lol

TheLife0fKate I always start to think i’m advanced, doing Pam’s workouts since March, but then I do the 15 min hiit and I realise I’m still a beginner

ANNIKA SUSAN mountain climbers – plank jumps – mountain climbers … sis that’s just evil!

Lilith Svia I’ll do it for 2 weeks and update everyday (my goal is to do it without breaks)

Day 1:done and I’m officially dead.

Day 2:done but it’s kinda easier 😀 but it’s still hard.

Day 3:done but I took lots of breaks.

Day 4:done (did first 8 minutes with out breaks I’m proud of myself idk why lol)

Day 5: done but my motivation really said 🏃🚪 but I’ll keep pushing myself!

Day 6:rest day

Day 7: done Day 8:done.(did it without breaks but it was still hard lol)

Day 9: done ( much easier omg–)

Day 10: done (my thighs got 7cm slimer they’re 51cm now)

Day 11:D O N E E E E

Day 12:

Day 13:

Day 14:

Greta whoever is able to do the whole workout without any breaks, you’re literally a god

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