15 Min Full Body Hiit Workout (P1)

Every exercise lasts for 30s . You won’t stop until you’re told. Rest time is 30s as well.

#1: Lunge with kick right

#2: Lunge with kick left

#3: Half burpees

#4: Squat to jump squat

#5: Side squat walk

#6: Plank kick to crunch Right

#7: Plank kick to crunch left

#8: Up down plank

#9: Half burpees

Next => Lunge with kick right

Anna Bagó Never in my life has I been so happy to be doing jumping jacks

stayvelvet me: is dying because of this workout me: maybe I should just do this tomorrow… my brain: DO YOU WANNA LOOK GOOD FOR SCHOOL?! THEN GO AND EXERCISE!!!

still can’t find my jams Guys, believe me this workout is the best! Just after 1 week I lost 1,5 kg! The first 2-3 it will be hard, Im not gonna lie. After the 2-3 days the workout will seem shorter and easier. Trust me! I also didn’t have a specifiek diet. I just ate in smaller portios, more vegetables and less sugar. I did have a cheat day, where I ate everything I wanted, but tha day after that i didn’ eat for 12 hours. I lost this workout and another 10 min legs and abs workout m, 5 kg in a month! ( sorry btw for my English, its not my mother tongue)

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