#1: Plyo release pushups

#2: Prowler pushups

#3: Decline pushups

#1: Plyo release pushups

#2: Prowler pushups

#3: Decline pushups

Next => #4: Lateral pushups


Wife: I bet he’s thinking about other women.

Him : I can’t believe I ate a chocolate cookie in my dream.

The404Studios I did this twice once in the morning and the evening for 3 weeks chest are ripped bro thanks!

hasher22 Guys I am so happy with myself. I remember starting at the gym and I couldnt even do my first push up. Then I did my first 5 then 10 now im up to 20 in one go! Chest to floor, full motion! I am so proud of myself. Keep going guys!

McKenzie D. I’ve been a disabled veteran for nearly 3 years now and I finally decided to put the chips down and pick myself up again. First attempt I just gave up half way through the lateral push-up, hoping I can make a comeback after a good rest period… Thank you

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10 Minutes Home Chest Workout (P1)
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